David Salinas Reaction

1. What did David mean by “content is king”

Web content is the key driving force behind marketing success. From what David Salinas said, web content can be a important part of the success which exists in the marketing field. Especially, there are many examples in social media. Kind of Ads that is not similar old advertisement in Facebook or Twitter.

“content is king” means that we are live an era which people can buy and sell something that is not exist in real. For instance we can buy some typeface via Internet. The typeface can’t be touched from your hands but we buy it. Because that can be a real thing. So we are thinking that the worth expected can be kind of a goods.




2. What about David’s story from growing up in a basement apartment in Queens to becoming a company that embarks on innovation could you relate to and why? 

The experience of basement apartment could be a kind of knowledge that makes people keep thinking through the various viewpoints. That is the real experience not from the books. That is the insight from your behaviors, others reactions and accumulating experiences. I experienced working in café. Before I had worked, I had thought the part time job in café is a one of easy way to earn money like others. I had thought the work just make some coffee and getting the money. There are a lot of things in the work. First there are a lot of different beverages that you should memorize even in the situation that 7 of 10 order same café Americano. The company handled the café  notices their new menu in the web to make people think that café has a lot of menus. It can be a reason why increase of profit.

3. David talked about his mentor, who committed to investing in Digital Surgeons but died before he could follow through. He said the greatest advice he’d ever gotten was from this man—“Fast nickels are better than slow dimes.” What did this mean? How might you relate this to your own life?

“Fast nickels are better than slow dimes.” It can be replaced “Do not stop.” If you do something in business world, you can get possibility to make a profit. And the profit could be bigger than you expect. Some small chances do not mean small profit. The possibility that can bring big profit can be behind the small chances. David is one of the business men who know the important meaning of small chances.

In my life, Always I am trying to think that “anything could be a possibility so don’t think it is useless.” When I worked a small concert hall which performing nonverbal drawing show, I sold tickets in the ticket box  and also did a role of guide and assistant of house manager. The time that I worked at concert hall be a lot of help when I design concert hall as an assignment in university. I got A+ for that lecture. Someone can say that is not a big profit but it gave me confidence in my major. I think the confidence is going to be a very important part of me.

4. Name two things you learned in this lecture. The answer cannot include anything discussed in the prior three questions. Now research both things further – read at least three articles on each point you mentioned. What did you discover? Cite at least three articles for each topic with its title and URL. So you will have a minimum of six sources for this answer.

The first one I learned in this lecture is an attitude that be shown by David when he talk something in public. He wasn’t too light or too serious. His voice was pleasant and made people try to listen what he is talking about. There were some humors so audience was not boring at all. It is kind of skills to speech.

Other thing is the importance of how to read flow in business. It can be very powerful strength that is not common. If you want to read flow of business, you should try to raise creativity and insight.



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